... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nēnē Whispering

More colourful and textural in large.
Alternative: Demoiselle Dancer

Another wonderful WWT visit, in spite of the low light and grey weather...
How to choose?! This was most different from usual (and references the funny feeding frenzy we arrived to), but I narrowed it down to about 25 blip possibilities, not to mention all the others that I uploaded to Flickr. The closest contenders were a Bewick's swan portrait, the demoiselle cranes flapping and up close, the nēnēs lined up and hand feeding, the fulvous tree ducks flapping and flappy-dancing (one of many series...), or the iridescence of the white-winged ducks or buffleheads.
I'd ruled out the emperor geese from the outset, but they were on their usual adorable form (nibbling on a photographer and his gear today...), and a white-fronted goose gave them a run for their money on the cuteness front.

The others are all here (or right from Nēnēs on mound)

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