By ExtraTime

Out of Place

TM chopped back the rose hedge this morning, while I wrote thank-you letters. After lunch we went over to Abbotsford and had a good walk through the woods overlooking the Tweed.  After that, we reckoned we'd earned tea and a scone in the cafe.

Abbotsford is looking very spruce these days. Since the Trust took over, new walks have been laid out.  A visitor centre and children's playground have opened.

The stable block is unrestored, as yet. This wild-looking head is staring down from a damp and crumbling wall. Apparently it was once a waterspout on the side of St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh - just one of the thousands of antiquities collected by Sir Walter Scott to embellish his Borders home.

It looks a little surprised, I think.

Many thanks, Marlieske, for hosting the DS challenge.

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