A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Big Numbers

This blip completes 7 unbroken years of Blipping; 2560 consecutive days, strictly 'taken on the day' even if some of them are utter rubbish. I think that proves it's become somewhat of an addiction. 

A boardgame and a penguin seemed suitable celebratory subjects, though it wasn't until last thing that I remembered I had a perfect 7-themed boardgame.   

Talking of addictions, over the last year I've slowly come round to the conclusion that the boardgame collection is indeed a teeny bit oversized and I'll be gradually working to trim it, or at least to trim the key ones to a 'Desert Island' collection (6 discs, 3 books, and 100 games yes?). 

The thing is that many of the games (and other things) that really ought to go have particular associations: a birthday present; a friendship; a memory from University days, or even schooldays, etc.  Still there are plenty of ways of finding good homes for games now, including donating to the Gamechangers project in Uganda where 'modern' games are used to identify and develop young leaders.

Blip helps, both by providing alternative souvenirs of the last 7 years, and by occasionally recording items as they leave.

I also plan to do something about the 40,000 photos on my computer... which blipping really isn't helping with!

Happy New Year everyone!  (and yes, we'll be seeing it in, playing boardgames with friends).

* I'll be filling in the last few days shortly - delayed to compensate for the various factors that cause Blip 'anniversaries' to shift gradually.

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