A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Out with the old.

Our first shopping trip in over a week this morning so that we can eat this evening! It's also the first time in a week that I haven't seen Eda. Thank you for your love for yesterday's blip.

On our way home we called in at Woodbank Garden centre for a coffee in the Potting Shed (they did an excellent job for us yesterday for lunch). I wanted to have a quick look around their Christmas sale before it was too late, so we headed for 'Santa Land'. Got a few things I wanted at 30% off and then we couldn't resist a walk through Santa's Grotto as it is now open for anyone to do so. I was impressed with this animated 'Winter Wonderland' and the other tableaux.

We believe the owner based this loosely on the Santa experience of our childhood at Busby's Department Store in Bradford. It was absolute magic and anyone of my generation in this area would agree that it was THE real Santa! I hope we will be able to take Eda next year.
I promise that this is the last Christmas blip. Just a week on and it already looks a bit out of place though I am a firm believer in keeping the decorations till Twelfth night.

So out with the old. Soon everything 2018 will seem equally dated.

We are having a peaceful afternoon and evening. Although I have ironing to do, that will wait till 2019, I have started my Christmas present jigsaw. Gustav Klimpt's Tree of Life. It's going to be interesting! Chris, believe it or not is gardening.

I wish you a pleasant evening however you celebrate and above all a peaceful 2019.
Happy New Year blipfolk!

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