By captureasecond

Year 7 complete!

My 7th year of taking a photo each day and uploading it for your perusal is now complete. What a year it has been! Mrs C has been promoted to Group Captain (but posted away during the week to her new role). Junior continues to amaze and astonish us (most recently showing his ability to learn to ski and tackle Blue Runs within a week). My photography business ( is now self-sufficient, which has taken almost 7 years to achieve. My Special Educational Needs Teaching is a joy to do, and it has created some amazing results with the pupils in my care. Sadly, our 18 year old cat, Millie, passed away. 
Thankyou to everyone who has viewed, liked and commented on my images - those interactions make it all more than worthwhile.

Year 8 begins tomorrow - I wonder what it will provide for me to photograph?

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