By mollyblobs

Feasting on berries

On this third day of celebration, my enthusiasm was starting to wane. We'd arranged to go over and see Molly in the afternoon, so Pete and I spent the morning preparing food to take over for high tea - gammon, salads and a lemon drizzle cake (her favourite). This didn't leave time for much photography, so this is a quickly snatched image, taken from our bedroom,  of a wood pigeon gobbling down the berries of our cotoneaster - its own Christmas feast.

The afternoon went well, although at times Molly found it quite confusing to have nine people in the room. Her hearing's not good, so she couldn't always follow the conversation and her failing eyesight meant that at times she couldn't distinguish between Chris, Alex and Ben who are all dark-haired and bearded. Nevertheless, she seemed to have a good time, enjoyed her food and was pleased with the new microwave we bought her. 

A good day, but I'll be glad of a bit of peace and quiet tomorrow! Christmas is hard work for introverts...

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