By mollyblobs


Another foul day weather wise, with heavy rain and dense grey clouds meaning it scarcely got light. Pete and I spent the morning in the kitchen. cooking lemon curd, sausage rolls, salads and a lemon drizzle cake (which sank spectacularly) ready for our Christmas trip to see Molly in the afternoon.

A neighbour must have put out some Christmas scraps because Pete spotted a flock of seagulls circling over the garden, accompanied by three red kites, which spent a lot of time flying low, trying to work out the best approach to scavenge a few scraps. Although gardens in the neighbourhood are relatively large, they're also surrounded by trees, making it awkward for such a large bird, who gathers food by swooping down and picking it up in its talons. This was the only (very grainy) shot that came out, but no other photographs were taken so it will have to suffice.

Our trip to see Molly and Trev was very jolly. Pete's brother was visiting, and we were accompanied by Ben and Alex, so it was quite a party. She was on good form and seemed to enjoy the festivity, only dropping off to sleep for a short while after the meal. The highlight of the afternoon was her discovering that she could read my Kindle if the print was set to the largest size. She was always a keen reader, but has suffered from considerable sight loss in the last year or so and now can't read normal books. So it looks like we'll be getting her a Kindle as an early birthday present and loading it with some of her favourite books. 

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