Satisfying day’s work

After getting a couple of tools which J was lacking, S and I went to hers, and spent a couple of hours this morning and another couple this afternoon, clearing, weeding and generally tidying after six months absence during the remedial work on the house. Started by emptying the shed in the carport, and moving it sideways and back a little to maximise space for her wee car, and allow for her bins to be out of the way.

Then it was an attack on the tradescantia, and other weeds, while reorganising the stones edging the garden area. I hadn’t thought to take a before photo. Just accept my word that this is a fairly major difference. And a large part of what S did cannot be shown in this, as it is behind where I was standing to take this photo.

I have put in an extra, from just after midnight. Of the fireworks display from the Sky Tower. Quite short, but very dramatic.

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