While on my runs

By waipushrink

Still together

We went back to help J with the garden makeover. At the start of the day, there were three privets in the corner. They had been cut right back at some point, only to regrow from the stumps with multiple trunks, fortunately not very thick. Using a pair of loppers (long handled pruning shears) and a pruning saw, I was able to prune them back to stumps.

We then moved the two radermachera in their tubs, and a red hibiscus in its tub, into that corner. If you look at yesterday’s blip, you can see the three of them in a line. They’d been there quite a while, and all three had sent roots through the bottom of the tub, requiring moderate brute force with the loppers to free them to be moved.

While I had been pruning the privets, J had planted some new plants. The ground around the tree by the carport was basically a thin layer of dusty dirt over rocks and stones and other stuff, and tree roots were plentiful. J found some gaps between obstructions to her spade, and planted three star jasmine plants which will become ground cover with flowers. Two more required her pa’s longer experience with such places to dig a hole, and so all five were there for the post work photo, which is today’s extra.

Liberal amounts of compost have been used, and watering will need to be regular. More is yet needed, but I will take a rest by returning to work

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