Gummy Bears

You're looking at one of my favorite sweet treats: gummy bears! I enjoy eating them and they are also lots of fun to take pictures with! I received some gummy bears for Christmas, and on New Year's Eve, guess what I was eating. Yes, gummy bears! Do I know how to party, or what? ;-)

My husband and I were doing some organizing around the house and he came across a tiny radio he used to listen to when he was a child. Of course, Tiny Tiger and the Crittergators had to check it out, as it was just their size. You may see a photo of the gang listening to the tiny radio in the extras.

The soundtrack songs are for the radio photo. I've got two very different songs for you. One, I came to later in life, as I did not really learn about Warren Zevon until after he'd gone: Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne, with Mohammed's Radio. Also, a song I knew and loved as a child: the Statler Brothers with an old gospel tune: Turn Your Radio On.


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