There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Happy New Year from Dexter!

Happy new year!

Here's a photo of Dexter posing on top of the box that the mini clothes dryer came in. Dexter loves this box and he jumps up on it all day long - it's a great vantage point for looking in any direction. So here's a happy new year from Dexter atop the box (and from me, and from my husband) to you!

The neighbor's little gray kitty also came visiting on this day. There are days and days that go by without our seeing him. And then we hear the jingle of a bell and look down, and there he is, sitting on the porch!

My husband and I went for a short walk up the hill. The gray kitty was on the porch bathing when we left. When we returned, my husband put a jacket on his lap and the kitty jumped on top of it. You may see a picture of them enjoying each other's company in the extras.

For a tale of two tabbies, here is a song about two: Bruce Springsteen, with Two Hearts.

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