By HeidiHH

01012019 - Gorg del Salt

In the picture we are in Gorg del Salt, the most characteristic natural and scenic attraction of Borredà. It is a waterfall of about 30 meters, in the Margançol stream. Water was ice cold today, but during summer people bath here. This is apparently the place where river Serpis begins.

So as you can guess we started our year with a decent hike from Planes to Barranc de la Encantada which could be translated to enchanted gorge. We did bit over 11km and did elevation of 400 meters. On the north side of the mountain there was still frost in the ground after noon. When we drove there the thermometer was 4°C and when we came back about 5 hours later it was 21,5°C in the sun.

Great hike. Lots of different landscapes on our way. And the enchanted gorge was gorgeous. Too bad I can never capture that with camera. It was steep and rough, but the river at the bottom and the sound of a stream made it quite magical.

I have posted quite a lot to Insta and you can see more there:

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