By HeidiHH


Dogs have been sleeping most of the day.

I finally wrote the last two hikes to my blog so I remember the details and instructions. https://hikingalicante.wordpress.com/ Next I'll make the versions to our local magazine. I've already made the 1.-3. months of this year. And I have planned which hike is which month for months 4.-7. I think I have 9th but I need something for the hottest time of the year that is August. Or I'll push 6th to 7th and move things around a bit to get something really fun for whole family for August. I'm sleeping on this one.

I also spent some hours investigating new hikes. I have 6 already on a list, but I'm always on a lookout for some exciting new routes with something fab to see. I did find one really fab hike that goes up to 2000 meters. It's about 2 hours drive away in Murcia region, but we need to wait for the day to get longer and the spring to arrive as it is above snow level. But just thinking about this one makes me wanna go there. 2000 meters! It's also up 800 meters, so it's gonna be quite demanding hike.

Also needed to do some cleaning and washing of clothes. Buy groceries after holidays... Also trimmed the dogs' furs. They all had some dry mud attached after yesterday. There's always a price :-)

Picture from early this morning.

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