Never Again!

This is a photo of the New Year fireworks over Cromer Pier. As you can tell - it was very windy and that wind was coming directly off the North Sea and was therefore extremely cold!!! It was the first time G and I had gone to see these fireworks and almost certainly it was the last too!!! Huge numbers of cars were parked by the side of all the roads and we luckily got a parking space in Morrisons because a car was leaving as we arrived. There were big queues of traffic to get out of Cromer afterwards, so we took our time and popped into Morrisons to buy a few things and warm up before leaving. The display was ok, but not a patch on the free fireworks for bonfire night in Milton Keynes and not worth the hassle for just 15 minutes.  3 hours later and I still haven't fully warmed through!

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