By Bom

The Great Escape

G and I did the lovely Bayfield Bird Walk this morning.............not many people around! (I don't do New Year's Eve, so was fast asleep at 10:30!). As we passed the pig farm we were spotted by these little piglets who then decided to escape through the fence. It was a couple of minutes before we realised they were heading in our direction, so we quickly carried on walking and after following us briefly, they thought better of it and headed back to mum. The two pigs in the Extra made me laugh, one certainly had been enjoying a muddy wallow!

We stopped at the Natural Surroundings cafe for a drink and a toasted tea cake and watched the birds on the feeder whilst warming ourselves by the fire. We did laugh at the striking male pheasant who kept trying to jump on to a rail below the feeders which was about a foot off the ground, but he could only make about 4 inches at best. He kept trying though, they are such stupid birds!

(I spotted two lovely pictures at the gallery by the car park, I've taken the measurements and might go back if they'll fit!)

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