Where are the werewolves?

As well as sharing our interests in fitness training, our guests Paddy and Caitlin also love playing games. As soon as I knew that they would be with us over the New Year holiday, I asked if they would like me to organise a games afternoon/evening for us them. Of course they did!

So for eight hours from 3:30pm until 11:30 today the four of us indulged our game-playing passion with Jon, Brian, Richard, Bruce, and Elly. We played Settlers of Catan (wins for me, Paddy, and Catan-newbie Elly), Werewolf, Empire, and Ticket to Ride. My blip was taken at the start of a game of Werewolf, with Jon's card deliberately obscured (otherwise I would have known his role).

I spent the early part of the day cooking in the kitchen, making sure that we would have enough 'fuel' for the later fun and games. For afternoon tea we served Christmas cake, shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, chocolates, and banana loaf fresh out of the oven. The main course at dinner comprised a selection of stews: mushroom (vegan), kidney bean (vegan), kidney bean with cheese (vegetarian), and sausage and lentil (definitely not vegan/vegetarian!) For pudding I made a very delicious trifle.

I left the others to select the drinks. Much beer and wine was consumed. This added to the hilarity of some of the games, especially Werewolf. This probably also explains Elly's Catan win later in the evening - she was the single sober person at the party and thus able to maintain her concentration rather better than the rest of us!

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