By hazelh

Annual party contribution

Brian and Bridget hold a party every year on 2nd January (see 02/01/18, 02/01/16, 02/01/15, 02/01/14). Whenever Mr hazelh and I are able to pop along, I play with the magnetic graffiti wall in their bathroom. Here I blip my own contribution, plus the additions made by the rest of our party.

There was some Catan competition at the house this afternoon before we set off for the party. Mr hazelh was the winner. It must be Caitlin's turn to triumph soon.

Paddy and Caitlin also cooked us a wonderful lunch of sweet and sticky tofu char sui. The recipe and the whole process of making this delicious dish is documented on Paddy's blog, along with some great photos.

My extra is of the sunset spotted from our sitting room window while Mr hazelh and I were watching the final episode of Poirot.

Exercise today: walking to B&B's and back (9,006 steps).

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