By Shutterup

Canal walk

I have been longing to go for a walk in some daylight.. with a little broken cloud or some patches of blue or perhaps some sun (but l know that is asking too much really)... so far this Christmas new year there have not been many moments when the sky hasn't been leaden and today was no exception.  Hoping for some splashes of colour from some boats we went for a walk along the canal.. we may well have a few more canal moments this year.. it is always a nice place to be.
The perfect jigsaw ... don't you think? Plenty monotonous white/grey sky and its reflection to trick you.. some really confusing trees with reflections to bend the brain and then some nice boaty structures.. with the equally boaty reflections.. at least the lettering would be easy!

Extra....Where is the Red Lion? o.0
.... Does my bottom look round in this?
....Bottom Round which way?...
I am so confused!

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