By Shutterup

Inscription (Part 1)

I cannot even get my head around the agonising task assigned to a poor stone engraver when this piece was commissioned!!!  Can you imagine getting half way down this side and finding you had spelt a word wrong???  Arghghgh!!  This is just one side of 4 which are equally densley filled with the wonderous doings of the Duke of Marlborough... High atop this magnificent edifice is a teeny tiny man so high up l couldn't even see him and quicky found myself bogged down in the text below.  However it was fun to get up close to this well known monument for the first time since moving here nearly 25 years ago.  I have seen it from almost every angle (when l can see the man on the top and very magnificent he is too and he must have a wonderful view from up there) but l have never been this close.  Blenheim was given to him by Queen Anne (topical at the moment as The Favourite is now showing at the cinemas)

As you can see another day of no blue sky.. l need a SAD lamp!!!

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