By Veronica

Life's a beach (continued)

The only photo I took today, apologies for poor quality. I was struck by the tilt/shift effect of lying on the sand, but it didn't quite work as a photo.

After a morning at home doing chores and waiting for the sun to get a bit higher we headed for Cantarrijan. It was very quiet when we arrived just after midday, and I honestly didn't expect it to be quite as pleasant lying on the beach as it was. We didn't exactly strip off, in fact we didn't even take cozzies with us, but some people did, and by 2 o'clock the beach and restaurant were buzzing.

So much so that there were no tables left outside, but we got one next to the open patio doors inside, so it was almost like being outdoors, without the sunburn (we hadn't bothered bringing the sun cream). I think the restaurant wasn't quite prepared for the influx, with three staff dashing madly round the tables trying to keep everyone happy -- at any one time there must have been 50 customers. 

Afterwards we spent another hour on the beach before heading home. Will definitely do this again, and I may even swim next time! I dipped my toes, and it was cold but not unbearable. Mystère seemed to have had an untraumatic day home alone, so hopefully he's getting the measure of the local cats.

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