Border Tails

By Swannie

“Where have they gone?”

Hello blippers, happy new year to you all. I’ve been a naughty wee cat again! I have twice in the last week managed to get a hold of a bag of black cat food, rip a hole in it, and help my wee self. I don’t know why Swannie had to lock it in the garden shed, it seemed like the ideal self service to me!

Anyway, apparently I’ve been putting on weight again, no idea how that happened, and the Dreamies have been in short supply. So, this afternoon, I was sitting watching the wee birdies out the window (who are not so cruelly rationed) and I decided to catch one. It’s always the same, I go out my catflap, cross the garden climb up the gate and make my way along the fencetop, to discover that they have all disappeared.

Swannie tells me it’s good excercise, but I’d rather have a tasty wee bird. Lots of love, JJ. xx

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