Birthday Treat!

No, I didn't get a cat for my birthday, but I DID get to stroke one! After spending Christmas with kittens it was nice to stroke a cat again today! It was a surprise to see it at the garden centre. They used to have a small petting farm but the animals went a while ago. This cat appeared out of the bushes and I had to have it. Well, for a blip! I tried to pick it up but it was having none of that!

Besides which, I had forgotten to take a photo of buy-one-get-one-free scones to annoy Kaybee, whose local Dobbies have been out of them on his last 2 visits!

So, anyhow, I had a lovely day, a long lie in, then, as it was Wednesday we did a tour of the garden centres. Mainly because Toby Carvery had offered me £10 off a meal and The Man, The B-I-L and I always go out for a meal when we have a birthday.

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