Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Lake Marion

We drove to Santee State Park today..(about an hour by the interstate highway but almost two hours on the back roads!) to do some hiking as the weather was almost spring like.   We stopped at the visitor center so I could get a park pass with my senior citizens discount!   Being older saves money!  Half price!  

Anyway, the fog was tremendous on the lake!   As I stood there taking photos, it moved and shifted and I ended up with this blue and white photo.  There is a sandbar in the middle where the trees are and then more water behind.   The fog really turned up grainy looking as it dispersed.  

We tried to hike the 7 mile loop but gave up after 2 miles..the tiny black biting flies that live around the water here were out in force and of course, they are immune to bug spray which we did not take anyway.  Who uses bug spray in January!?      So we found a place for some lunch and headed back home. 

But we passed by two small towns that I will be returning to next week with my friend R.  I knew I would not be able to spend the time I wanted in these town with Jerry and the dog in tow.    Street photography places.  

I have put a b/w "street photo" in the extras.   

I used my 18-135mm lens today.  There is so much trash and dust spots on this lens that I spend some time cleaning up spots.  I think I am going to have to send if off to be cleaned professionally as the dirt is inside the lens.  Any suggestions on how to clean the inside?

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