Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Curly things

I have been told that I find the most oddball, weird and strange things to photograph but I don't really care..I love the oddball, strange and weird.  While I was cleaning up some photos for the last month I came across these curly things.  Just every day normal things that caught my attention.  They are all curly but all different.   Most people will overlook them because they are judging as not beautiful but to me they are.  

This year I hope more people will look closer at everything and not make snap judgments based on what they think is true.  In our photos and in our life.  Take some photos of the oddball, strange, weird and ugly things!   Accept these things are important.     Change your perceptions of what is worthy of a photo! 

Now back to sorting out least I only have a month to look through which might be 2000 photos!   

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