By earthdreamer

The Opposite of Fireworks

Still feeling full of cold and coughing up some evil kind of shit that's been brewing for at least three weeks now. An incredibly still day without a breath of wind, one of those days when I would dearly have loved to have been out on my bike. I hate the loss of my freedoms.

As for the photo, we've been here before, lots of times, but on such mellow days, I'm always drawn to the tarn. The reflections were stunning. There was also a young deer on the scene, barely spooked at all by all the people about. I was so entranced that it never occurred to me to take a photograph.

Roam has been up a volcano this year already. He said it was the experience of his life but only after seeing a few of his photos today did I realise quite how spectacular and amazing it was. He's become quite dedicated to his art since starting his travels. Working with a tripod and long exposures in sub-zero temperatures at 4000m wasn't easy. I insisted he posted a blip, his first in a long while, so I could share one of his shots with you. It's worth a look. The very opposite of the shot I've posted here. I'm very proud of him. And not a little envious. 

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