Topsy Turvy

The ship is topsy turvy in its reflection which seems apt as my day was off kilter from the start...

1. No hot water from the shower this morning and subsequently...
2. I forgot my Rudolph hot water bottle (due to faffing about with the pressure reset on my boiler).
3. Tea bag split in my first cup of tea.
4. Hot water urn wasn’t keeping the water hot.
5. My lunch was cold...(Do you see a theme here)?
6. Phone charger and working light both ran out of battery despite being charged overnight.

But, despite these small irritations, filming went without hiccup. I solved a few problems (including sneaking an artic truck delivery of 3 pantomime sets past the filming) and we wrapped 18 minutes early tonight. So an 11 hour day instead of 12. Woo hoo!

Everyone was cold and tired today but we had a few laughs anyway. Perhaps it’s just the shock of getting back into work after the lazy Christmas break that makes things seem more annoying than they should. Tomorrow will be better.

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