Penn State's Old Main, Interior View

On this morning, I had a meeting at Old Main, which is Penn State's chief administrative building. I've shown you Old Main on these pages before. It's an impressive old building, fun to look at from both the outside and the inside.

After my meeting was over, of course, I noodled around with my camera for a few minutes, before catching a bus back to our offices. Above is a photo I took on the ground floor of Old Main.

I thought the light was doing some interesting things, so I took several shots and then played with my image a bit. I took the original shot using either the automatic or vivid setting.

In editing, I changed it to monochrome and applied a noir filter, then added even more darkness. In the end, it looks almost a bit spooky, and just chock full of history.

My soundtrack song is for a building which has seen some history: Mary Hopkin, with Those Were the Days.

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