By Viewpoint

Art of the Blur - Farewell Christmas

I’ve come across a FB page and a website with this title recently and it reminded me that I hadn’t done anything with my lens baby recently so I thought before I packed the Christmas decorations away I’d make a last minute effort.  I’ve got an earlier lens baby composer where you have to exchange the aperture rings manually so I thought I’d use the star aperture in keeping with my theme.    These glittery balls worked better than the globe Christmas lights, so ended up as my choice for todays blip.  The focus is interesting because if you want to get stars you have to make sure it’s them that is in focus and not the objects, so you end up with a soft focus photo.  I rather like the dark background in this one.

Other than that, we shopped this morning at the market stalls in Fox Valley.  They are a lovely small group of traders who sell wonderful bread and cakes, cheese, vegetables, fish and chutney.  We’re all stocked up (and much poorer) again now.

Haircut this afternoon and we appear to have lost a main headlamp bulb on the passenger side, so another problem to get fixed.

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