Robin checking out the feeder

The new perch near the bird feeders has been in place since before Christmas and the birds (well mainly the Goldfinches) are well used to it by now.  This is the first time I’ve tried to capture some of the birds sitting on it.  I can open one of the back bedroom windows far enough to point the lens through so I found myself a low chair and sat for a little while this morning.  It was pretty dark, so the ISO setting and consequently the digital noise was high.  The Goldfinch is in as an extra.

As well as a batch of washing I’ve also managed to cut up my last three pieces of `Snow White’ mount board, so I now have twelve 40 X 50cm pieces of board ready to cut out the centre window.  I’m planning to take a break from Penistone camera club competitions next year (I might still enter the Positive Image one as that is just a single competition at the end of the year).  It feels like time to move on and do something different.  I’m not sure what that will be yet, but giving myself the space in my head to choose differently feels important right now.

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