By wellsforzoe

Kevin's Drone Camera

21st December 2018.

As you will have seen from many posts, Kevin Dalferth, form Germany has been volunteering with for some months now.

You will have seen the pictures from his Drone Camera, so here is the magical machine itself.

A drone has a huge capacity to add greatly to making all our projects visable to our donors, in areas like growing this years 1.5 million trees.
Like showing arial views of our pumps, preschools, farms, college, and all our other dots here and there.

From the beginning we were firm believers in accountability, but realised that figures on a piece of paper, meant little.  Early on we decided that pictures with information would be great, then as soon as we had interned and satellite coverage, we got a GPS machine, Then with more internet coverage we used phones and cameras with a GPS Facility. then Google Earth maps, and maybe we feel that a drone can  can do even better. the next dot to join.


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