By wellsforzoe

Cook Stoves

22nd December 2018:

Over a year ago now we discovered from new communities, where we install pumps and bring clean water for the first time, that the women have now to walk further and further to get firewood for cooking.
Our first effort was to give seeds to all new pump communities, a project which is going well, and of course this year we are planting over 1.5 million trees, which will help.

Growing trees in one positive in this battle against Climate Change, but the other not wasting the timber they already have.

We designed this most efficient and safe stove about 5 years ago, but  other matters took precedence. New we are making a big push to teach villagers how to build it. All it takes is bricks, whole or broken, and some soil from anthills. It is a zero cost innovation and our experiments show about a 60% reduction in the firewood requirement, for household chores.

When I mentioned safe, I really mean it. 

When this stove is finished, the pot will sit INTO a circle of bricks so that it can't fall off the structure, a real safety issue particularly for children.

These girls are from our College of Horticulture, Forestry and Enterprise.

These stoves can be designed for app pot sizes, so we expect these girls will become experts in building when Peter has finished the training.

This module will also include the growing or Aloe Vera plants. 
As you will know, I hope that pure Aloe Vera juice/Liquid is the best cure for all burns including sunburn.

Note: Mzuzu Central Hospital's cure for burns is Colgate (Yes the toothpaste !)  

Burning and scalding accidents are so horrific. I know, I witnessed a little boy dying in extreme pain.

So hoping to make this a priority for 2019

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