By Veronica

Cat on a ...

... flat concrete roof. Today is the seventh anniversary of my first blip, so I thought I'd give Mystère a chance to shine, and possibly kick off a "cats of Almuñecar" series (see extra for an uncharacteristically classy one). I don't get any official accolade from Blipfoto because I've missed so many days that the count is over a year out.

I'm still loving being here! Even when the blip mojo is low, I always enjoy browsing around blip friends' journals. Speaking of which, please welcome new blipper SarahatSpotty, whom I met on a photo walk in France.  She's a very inspiring 365 photographer, always finding something eyecatching in the course of her day.

I made some clementine jam today, having made an impulse buy from a man in a van a couple of weeks ago of 3 kg of clementines which were in danger of going off. In the late afternoon we went on an explore of a bit of Almuñecar we haven't visited before, visible from our house. There are some odd little corners, and houses with beautiful gardens and really stunning views, but even more steps than ours. Mystère's days continue to be like a toddler's: hyperactive all morning, arrive home over-tired and agitated at about 3 pm, eat whatever is offered, crash on the sofa, then wake up at 9 pm and demand to be entertained.

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