Starlings getting prepared

What to do when you are in a queue for the local recycling centre, a long queue that turned out to be 35 minutes long before I got to the skips.
I'd missed the bin men this week, my fault for misreading the Christmas/New Year collection dates, so had to take all of the Christmas packaging, cans and bottles etc. to the tip plus the non-recyclable rubbish which there is also a skip for.

So, what do you do, you take photographs of birds. The main one is of the starlings congregating on the foremost power cable, it's almost end to end covered in Starlings and a few flying around trying to find a space.
They did a couple of murmuration displays but it wasn't very impressive as there was probably only a couple of hundred. I expect they will join up with another few groups for the extra special displays.

I think the long queue was due to the holiday period, lots of stuff to get rid off and it is good that it is mostly being recycled rather than going to landfill - see extra. 

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