Brimham Rocks!

Our last day of the holiday, and it was freezing! But that never puts us off getting out. This is one location I've wanted to visit for a while. It was a shame the weather wasn't kind. And being the kids holidays, it was a little busy too. But it was great fun being a couple of adult kids scrambling through the gritstone.

We'd also visited the Coldstones Cut, just to the west of Pateley Bridge. A huge piece of outdoor artwork on the edge of Coldstones Quarry. It doesn't sound particularly exciting, but was really fascinating.

Well, here I am 6 years on.......

I think we all wonder how we make each milestone here on blip, and I'm no exception. It's easy some days and not on others. And since I finished work at the end of August I thought I would find more time to photograph, but have found it even harder to sustain. How strange that feels.

But I still couldn't think of a day without it now. It's a fantastic and unique community - both online and in reality! And that's just down to all the people involved. Those behind the scenes keeping it all running, and the rest of us who keep posting those photos for so many varied reasons.

As always, a huge thank you to those who stop by, even if I don't always manage to reciprocate very often.

P. S. A very rare selfie in the extras. Taken by my other half, as he thought I looked a bit daft all covered up and advertising a well known brand of outdoor neckwear!

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