Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess


I haven't blipped Robbie for quite a while, I think not since some time before his dear sweet brother Callum died in July.

But today is Robbie's day as it's exactly a year since he was found after being missing for three weeks, during some very, very cold weather - and he's an indoor cat. His recovery took a while because although he got better physically very quickly, it was clear that he had been traumatised by his experiences. He responded very well to treatment with Zylkene and Feliway and gradually went back to doing the things he had done before. When he started clawing the carpets again, I knew he was better!

Since Callum died, Robbie has wanted to sit on my lap a lot more, play more and has generally sought out more of my company, which is very nice for me. However, he also goes around the flat miaowing at times and I don't know what he wants as it doesn't seem to be food, play or lap. I've worried that he's unhappy, but he doesn't show any of the signs of stress that he had after being lost.

Here's to many more anniversaries and no more adventures!

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