By hpx

Nearly home

I had a different Saturday morning with a bike ride into town from the end of the motorway.

We had coffee and a bite to eat beside the Avon River, then biked back to our cars. The wind was at our backs on the return trip and we felt like heros.

3 of us bike together. It should have been a group of 7 but I misread my message and didn't check my phone this morning. Opps. Instead we were a group of 3 and another group of 4.

As the temperature rose this afternoon I draped myself over the sofa and sipped iced water. I could get used to this sofa and book thing. Maybe.

I've caught up with a friend this evening, returned home to feed the STARVING small furry one, and to water the tomatoes.

It's 9.45pm, 26 degrees and all is right with hpx's world.

Today's gratitude: For a very lovely day.

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