By hpx

Was it you?

3 hens and 1 egg. Was it you who laid the egg?

Today was dump day, the day where my mounting efforts to remove my existing landscaping would be taken away.

I went with a friend to borrow a trailer and that involved feeding the hens. We had my car with a towbar but we couldn't secure the safety chain.

Enter friend's husband.

He couldn't secure the chain either but he did secure the tailer on the towbar correctly. Opps.

Enter friend's, friend's 4-wheel drive with a different towbar set up. Now we have 2 woman, 1 husband, and a trailer securely attached to a 4-wheel drive which doesn't belong to any of us.

Never mind, we're getting there.

We leave the house with the hens and go to hpx's house with the big pile of green waste. We load it into the trailer and swing by friend's place to grab their half full wool bale of grass and weeds. This weighs down hpx's green waste in the trailer that isn't hers.

All good.

Rueben the husband drives us to the dump. He worries it will be expensive. I say not to worry and that I'll pay the dump fees for them and me.

It stinks at the dump and we quickly unload the trailer towed by the 4-wheel drive, neither of which belong to any of us.

Then I cause utter confusion by approaching the weigh bridge on foot and not in the vehicle I arrived in. Chastened and safely in the back of the 4-wheel drive, I pay using an eftpos machine with an extremely long cord.


We laugh, return the trailer and the 4-wheel drive. Then I have a nap on the sofa.

Today's gratitude: For a holiday break with no drama and a beautiful day.

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