... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Bygnet Fly-by

More excited in large.
Extra: Tempting the Ross'sling and kin

We went to St. James's Park to see the Ross'sling; it was with its parents, and its older sibling was also there (being tolerated by the parents now that the Ross'sling is less vulnerable). The swans were pushing away their big cygnets, and they were flying past as we arrived, and got moved on again as we stood on the bridge over the lake (*blip*).
Other subjects included pretty pigeons and red-crested pochards, and we saw a little grebe and a goldcrest although I didn't get decent shots of them.

Puffed up wood pigeon
Preening pretty plumage
Water fountain or bird bath?
Angry-looking putty pigeon
Others here (or right from Swanflict take-off (1/8))

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