By AH14

Psychedelic Bubble

Having done a quick trial late yesterday evening to see whether I could get bubbles to freeze, I was optimistic about having a go at sunrise when there would be more light. My optimism was unfounded. Zero degrees and a blanket of cloud - it wasn't what I needed. I even placed bubbles on frozen water but they were having none of it - they flatly refused to freeze! Anyway, I photographed what there was and was delighted to see the colours unleashed when I got the images on the computer! Yes, I did need to boost them a bit as the light was so flat but this is the range of colours that were present.

Sorry to see the Christmas decorations come down but I've bought some tulips to brighten things up :)

Silly Saturday: Silly trying to freeze bubbles when the temperature was not quite low enough and silly blowing bubbles when there was no child in sight! :)

Another in my b&w journal

Many thanks for your generosity for yesterday's sunrise! I'm blipping early, so do take a look back, if you have time  - it's proving rather popular!

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Ann :))

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