By LadyFindhorn

This , That and ‘Tother!

It is the most depressing dispiriting weather; a thick uniform cloud cover which lies like a grey blanket over the land with not a breath of wind to set it on its way. What one needs is colour and a degree of warmth to instil a little hope into the mind and body.
I was glad to escape the bone seeping chill of the Dower House for a morning of coffee and chat with one of my friend’s of many talents and her husband, the latter doing a stalwart effort in staying the pace until even for him enough was enough and he departed. I just managed to blip him before that. There he is in his red jumper.

I had a fleeting visit from the Glasgow family who were on their way to an 80th birthday party for their father and grandfather, my ex. Ewan was wearing his kilt which he will grow into in about 5 years.

Because all the family, barring Oman daughter and two grandchildren, are in Edinburgh for the occasion, I have reserved a table tomorrow morning in Söderberg to see them all for coffee and küchen before they go home.
It had been suggested that as a joke I could be smuggled in to the party in a huge fake cake and burst through the top at some point shouting ‘surprise,surprise!’ I think not!

The gym has taken on a new appeal for me as a place of warmth rather than a place of weights and machines. I went this afternoon to raise my core temperature to an acceptable level in order to be cosy this evening as I sit watching the television with my rug and hot water bottle. Ain’t life grand!

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