Oban the slum

Another grey day - I had a quick walk down to the town, but have a sore leg so I almost wished I hadn't. I also wished I hadn't when I saw the extent of the rubbish strewn all over the place after Hogmanay. This picture is just a tiny fragment of the mess.
Apparently two of the street cleaners are off sick and and two more are on extended absence, whatever that means, but a road sweeping machine should be working in Oban next week! There are three bin lorries off the road with breakdowns and no mechanics available to do repairs. What remains of the fleet will be working over the weekend to clear the mess. Well, Saturday has already gone and nothing’ s been done yet. The place is like an inner city slum!

The whole point of this of course is not that there's no means of clearing up this appalling mess, but that there are many people in the town who are responsible for making the mess in the first place; this is what should be tackled and yet nobody mentions that! All that can be said really is 'Have a nice day'!

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