simple moments

By simplemoments


...are coming & going

as i carefully watch - via the window of my - new 'home away from home' - at the hotel

as i heard the honking 1st - and knew i wouldn't be able - to get outside quickly enough - so although not the greatest - technical photo i have ever - taken, it gives a fair - idea of those creatures - flying overhead looking for a landing spot - they kept coming in droves - for around 10 minutes - filling the skies - with their wonderful diamond shaped - flight patterns now transferred - into almost a pencil like drawing - of a photo

it's enough for me to end - a rather quiet day - which i have spent - regrouping with miss mollie-boo - contemplating next moves for myself - and trying to relax as much as possible living - out of a suitcase - in what could be classified as...


happy day.....

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