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By Diane2104

Chiff Chaff #5

This morning I allowed hubby to sleep in and went out for a couple of hours by myself. First stop on another grey day was Spike Island - not a great deal about, even at the feeding station, and it was so dark that I didn't linger too long. On my way back to the car I noticed some movement in the undergrowth that at first I thought was a little wren, but then it showed itself and I think that it might be a chiff chaff. My reservation is that they don't normally over winter in the UK, but maybe climate change is allowing them to stay? Any opinions as to what else it could be are most welcome. 
I then headed to Risley Moss for an hour as it was only 11:30am. It was nice to see the woodpecker was showing well and also a yellowhammer dropped right on the ground in front of the hide(extras).

Back home and hubby was now chopping up the Christmas tree and we will place the pieces of trunk in the garden for the birds to sit on :) 

Off to see Mum and Dad this evening as I am away next week in Sweden - my only trip before our holiday. I thought it might be colder with snow by now in Malmo, but it's not so bad - just a bit grey and wet, so similar to here. 

Will try and get some commenting done a bit later - need to do some ironing now… :(

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