By WharfedaleBex

Quite a start

Today, we've walked on the most spectacular stretch of coastline in the whole of Scotland. It has to be!

There's something for everybody... The geologist, photographer, birder, wildlife watcher, musician and dog.

The road in is an experience in itself, going almost straight up and over the cliffs, descending into Carsaig with a gradient I'd be concerned about cycling out of! It's a delight though; tall old pine trees, grand lodges and glowing moss covering so much of the ground.

We didn't have the earliest of starts so began heading off on the track as soon as we arrived, quickly enjoying our first touch with nature, a heron in a tree almost above us. The walk through the woods was atmospheric - a touch muddy but here too, overgrown with moss in a land-that-time-forgot kind of a way.

It wasn't long before every turn in the cliff brought another jaw dropping moment. Huge boulders, astonishing formations of basalt columns, rainbows on waterfalls and our next delight... Three sea eagles. It felt primeval.  The caves and curves of the cliffs played back the ocean in surround sound. It was surreal. (and yes, for those who've heard it before... a planet feeling!)

We saw giant crested tortoises in rock formations and found a mammoth stone minke whale. Kids at heart... I said it suited everyone!

Near our turnaround point we met another couple who pointed out a sea otter and the fact you could walk behind the rainbow falls. We had a lovely chat with them before pottering on a little further and then heading back. Rich pointed out he was looking forward to the return as much as the way out. It was just as good and, of course, we both had a look behind the waterfall! 

By the time we got back to the car, the sun was dropping but we made time to sit with the inquisitive seals in the bay - we counted ten heads staring at us at one point. We sat on the pier with our late lunch and coffee pack-up before making it home to watch the sunset, stopping to admire the light on Ben More along the way. 

An evening of dinner and DVDs followed by a gaze outside at the stars filing the night sky has rounded off an incredible first day of 2019.

Happy New Year!

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