Fallow Deer

Today’s picture is of the male Fallow Deer, with one of his herd. There were several others with him and they visited our orchard around lunchtime. Some, but not all can be seen in the extra, but they move about so quickly that it is impossible to get them all together. It is not often that the male visits, or at least, he does not visit when we are watching. As can be seen in this picture just about all of the apples have now disappeared from under this tree in the orchard, but there are still plenty in the upper part of the garden and drive,which they have not eaten yet.

After lunch I started work on a temperature blanket. This means that I look at the BBC weather app at noon each day, wherever I am and make a note of the temperature. Then using eight colours, coded again various temperatures, you knit or crochet one row a day in the colour that matches the chart. So far the colours have all been the same as the temperature has been static, but today will be a different colour.

Very mild today, seven degrees Celsius at noon.

I spent ages this afternoon, over two hours and during the vening trying to upload today's picture; it kept failing. Then during the evening I looked at blip on my phone only to find that it had uploaded at some point, so words, title and tags have been added during the evening. The problem is probably the fault of our intermittent broadband!

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