The colors!
On our beach this evening.

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Had a terrible headache and I had to get up to take medicine. Got few hours of sleep after that. During the night I suddenly realized that the waist belt of my backpack had been loose on the hike after I took my jacket off. And that was pretty early on. The weight is supposed to be on the waist not on the shoulders. I had some aching in the shoulders when we were coming down. But for some reason I didn't remember the waist belt even at that point. So summa summarum, the whole hike I had the weight on my shoulders and today I've suffered from a headache and been taking it easy.

I went to see Jen and David and chatted with them for while. They'd been wondering about not seeing us. Well, we've been hiking and I have finally updated most of them to my hiking blog:


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