05012019 - Pico Reconco 1209 m

Another day out hiking.

We started our route in a lovely town of Biar (Alicante province) and headed to the peak of Reconco 1209 meters above sea level.

We did 11 kilometers and elevated 489 meters which I think is the highest elevation of the season. But I need to be able to do 800 meters up, so this is good training.

We had a really nice day outside. Now I'm just so cold all the time. I'm wearing two fleece shirts and fleece sweats and drinking tee. It was 1°C at lowest when getting near our starting point. Huge areas in the mountains were frosted. But going up is hard work and makes one sweat, so after sweating for so long, now that the sun has gone down, I'm cold to the bone.

So rest of the evening is some Netflix and a quick doggy walk at the end of the evening.

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