By HeidiHH

05012020 - los Reyes Magos

The tradition here in Spain is that Los Reyes Magos, known as the Three Wise Men or the Three Kings in English, bring Spanish children their gifts on the Day of the Epiphany, January 6th. According to Christian tradition, this was the day that Melchior (known as Melchor in Spanish), Caspar (Gaspar), and Balthasar (Baltasar) came to visit the baby Jesus and brought their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

So for the first time in Gran Alacant history we had our own parade for the Reyes Magos and we went to see this historic event. (Santa Pola has a huge event of course. Last year the kings came with a speed boat and then continued to the castle in the parade. And as we are part of Santa Pola, the events have been held there.) So this year we had our own Kings and it was pretty sweet. So many kinds trying to catch the candy the Kings were throwing with confetti.

It's been a nice and sunny day here. Not that warm, but warmer in the sun. I did 10k walk by myself. My knee is still making some cries to me, but I managed the route taking it little bit slower than usual. I'm trying to walk "softly".

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