By Veronica

Jam today

For those interested, I wrote up the recipe for clementine jam. And this is the only photo I took today.

Blipmeet in the evening! Guiri and F invited us over for tapas -- they have moved from their cortijo to an apartment across town from us. It was an excellent evening; it turns out that T and F, whom we know from the intercambio, are neighbours of theirs and we also met some other friends. Wine and chat stretched far into the night, and on leaving T and F took us to see their top-floor apartment with lovely views over Almuñecar (the view from guiri and F's apartment isn't too shabby either). It was very, very late by the time we left, as in, midnight, and I think we probably needed the long walk home to clear the wine fumes from our heads. At any rate we felt fine when we woke up (late) this morning.

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