By hazelh

Volvo XC70 automatic visits Edinburgh

On Friday last week Mummy hazelh rang me to say that she would accept our invitation to come and stay with us for a few days. So this morning I took a very early train to Newcastle, followed by another to Hexham. After a quick meeting with the solicitor about my late father's estate, I headed north again, this time as a passenger in my mother's Volvo automatic.

In the end we shared the driving, switching after lunch at Jedburgh. I am proud to say that that my mother finally believes that I have reached a high enough standard to be considered a competent motorist in her precious car - hurrah!

Our neighbours have very kindly allowed us to stable the car in their off-road parking space for the week, as blipped.

In other news I have finished editing some slides for a conference that I am attending on campus on Wednesday.

Exercise today: a bit of walking (10,193 steps).

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